Born into a background of aviation and horticulture, I went on to study Architecture at Leicester Polytechnic (De Montfort University) graduating with the ‘Keal Award for Design’, completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture with Commendation.

From the outset of my career, I have pursued collaboration with other specialists from other diverse backgrounds & disciplines. These collective experts in manufacturing, fabrication, contractors, artisans & consultants just to mention a few, are essential in creating the interplay that is ‘Elemental Architecture & Design - EA&D’s’ vision for complete honesty in responsive architecture & setting. Further detail are summarised in ‘Ideology, Thoughts & Influences’.

I gained a great deal through collaborating with world-renowned studios such as Eva Jiricna Architects (30 years, with 19 of these as Eva’s co-director) & the Richard Rogers Partnership (RSH & P). This dual process allowed me to formulate EA & D’s flexible model / framework for exploring& testing ideas in design, sustainability, methods of construction & assembly creating an ‘Environment & Architecture of Unity’.

My career and reputation has excelled in the production of high quality, unique architecture, rigorously designed, detailed with communication for purpose of production & construction. The thought process, expression & clarity within multi-interlayering is crucial. The intended functions, social, environmental & material strategies are viewed as natural technological compositions, that when expressed & experienced, create design & architecture that stimulates the senses into wellbeing, not forgetting humans have a basic seven.

With the uneven progress of global civilization being felt worldwide, EA & D produces a fresh approach to solving problems- In my view, ‘There are no Problems only Possibilities’. It is an attitude of mind. AE & D is not just responsive design, but is reactive to every day practical restrictions, e.g. such as budget, time, statutory regulation, change, flexibility, maintenance & replacement.

My explorations in AE & D are displayed in the section ‘Architecture & Project Gallery’ , with quick brain storming in ‘Flash Sketches - Ideas’ , which all display the variety of projects mainly undertaken as competitions, with personal awards & accreditation seen in ‘Project Index & Additional Information’.

Personal Awards and Accreditation to Duncan Webster:

- Finalist: Exhibitor for the Royal Academy Summer Show Exhibition 2019 (2019 Submission Topic, Sustainability, Project Submitted ‘Water Wheel Power House’)
- Twice Short Listed for the Royal Academy Summer Show Exhibition 2007 / 2008
- Concept House - Highly commended
- House of the Future - Highly commended
- Exhibitor in RIBA exhibition Architects 40 under 40
- Partition system of Tomorrow - 1st place
- Luxlon Cladding Products - 1st place
- Gas Council Energy Project - Highly commended
- Keal Award for Design at Leicester Polytechnic

Collaboration as a former Director at Eva Jiricna Architects (Technical) & with Specialist Consultants:
Throughout my career I have been fortunate to have always been able to be participate in collaborative teams, producing unique outstanding designs & projects. It provided me with the expertise & experience to pursue the development of my own thoughts & concepts seen through EA & D. This experience can be seen in a few chosen projects displayed in the section ‘Experience & Works Collection’ which provides a brief insight into some of the designs & projects I contributed to as Director & Project Lead.