Creation through ‘Elemental Architecture & Design (EA & D)’ embraces a holistic approach, an ideology that continuously expands, explores & challenges existing realities & strategies. It is inspired by the long term unification between developments in the global environment, micro / macro climates, local cultures & resources. When assimilated with appropriate ingredients & technologies, it is finely honed through collective innovative thinking producing a setting that both stimulates & improves our working / living environments inducing a sense of wellbeing.

EA & D is a flexible model of diverse simplicity, a process that draws on natural passive resources, (e.g. mass, material, water, wind, heat, light, sound & time) merging contemporary with emerging advancements in low / high technologies (e.g. from exiting building fabric / new materials through to AI & autonomous control capabilities). The equation allows our living / working environments to be remodelled creating form, mass & space with variations of light with the void in between termed ‘Greenscape’. It has sensory richness in a variety of contrasting elements that include material, scale, pattern, texture, colour & light, which within itself clearly expresses how the architecture works, its method of material manufacture & assembly creating harmony between it & it’s setting. It has now been recognised that this improvement to our surroundings & sense of wellbeing can all be measured through physical & emotive responses all viewed either collectively or on a personal level.

A more in-depth definition of AE & D can be viewed in the menu section titled ‘Ideology, thoughts & influences’ It is driven by the freedom of investigation & possibilities through imaginative thought, drawing inspiration from many diverse sources, which are deeply rooted in ‘Culture & Context’ providing a basis for ‘Evolution & Awareness’ whilst absorbing the new frontiers reflected in the ‘Expression of Appropriate Technology’ seen in design, construction & assembly, forming an ‘Environment of Wellbeing’ enhancing our living & working environments.

The ideas & designs of EA & D can be observed in the section titled ‘Architecture & Project Gallery’ with quick brain storming & thoughts seen in ‘Flash Sketches- Ideas’ The gallery displays a series of projects varying in type & scale, from the ‘Residential & Habipod Series’ that explores the environment & the way we live in our homes to ‘Civil & Public Buildings’ such as The Taiyo kogyo Membrane Pavilion, The Nara Convention Centre, & Egyptian National Museum, ‘Bridges’ such as The NCR Future & Embankment River Bridges, to ‘Product & Industrial Design’ with ideas for The Partition System of the future. Not all projects are displayed, but a full chronological list can be seen in the ‘Project Index’

TIt can’t go without saying, that to truly succeed in AE & D a strong bond between client, interested parties & architect is essential, a very special personal journey indeed: options are explored & tested providing flexibility of choice, aspirations are balanced against practicalities, giving birth to a joint vision that becomes a beautiful unique reality, seen as ‘Grace, not Disgrace through Design’.

The one statement that surmises my thoughts is that ‘The past can’t be erased, future’s vision can be seen through Consciousness _ Insight _ Intuition _ Wisdom all being Expressed through Imagination’.