Creation through ‘Elemental Architecture & Design (EA & D)’ embraces a holistic approach with an ideology that forms a continuous universal expanding strategy. It is inspired by the unifying of nature’s global environment, micro / macro climate, local cultures & resources assimilating appropriate technologies, which when honed through innovative thinking produces a setting that both stimulates & improves our working / living environments generating a sense of wellbeing.

EA & D is a flexible model of diverse simplicity, a process drawing on natural passive resources, (i.e. mass, material, water, wind, heat, light & time) merging contemporary with emerging advancements in low / high technologies (i.e. from materials through to AI). The equation allows our environment to be remodelled creating form, mass, space & variations in light with the void in between termed ‘Greenscape’, that has sensory richness in a variety of contrasting elements that including material, scale, pattern, texture, colour & light, which within itself clearly expresses how the architecture works with its method of material manufacture & assembly creating harmony between it & it’s setting. It has now been recognised that this improvement to our environment, surroundings & senses of wellbeing can all be measured through physical & emotive responses all viewed either collectively or on a personal level.

A more in-depth view can be seen in the menu section titled ‘Ideology, thoughts & influences’ It is driven by freedom of creative thought, drawing inspiration from many diverse sources, which are deeply rooted in ‘Culture & Context’ providing a basis for ‘Evolution & Awareness’ absorbing & reflecting the ‘Expression of Appropriate Technology’ in design, construction & assembly, forming an ‘Environment of Wellbeing’ enhancing our living & working environments.

The Ideas & Designs of EA & D can be viewed in the section titled ‘Architecture & Project Gallery’ with sudden thoughts seen in ‘Flash Sketches- Ideas’ The gallery displays a series of projects varying in type & scale, from the ‘Residential & Habipod Series’ that explores the way we live in our homes to ‘Civil & Public Buildings’ such as The Taiyo kogyo Membrane Pavilion, The Nara Convention Centre, & Egyptian National Museum, ‘Bridges’ such as The NCR Future & Embankment River Bridges, to ‘Product & Industrial Design’ with ideas for The Partition System and Latrine of the future. Not all projects are displayed but a full chronological list can be seen in the ‘Project Index’.

To succeed, this only truly happens when a strong bond between client, interested parties & architect occurs, a very special journey: options are explored & tested; aspirations are balanced against practicalities, giving birth to a joint vision that becomes a beautiful unique reality, seen as ‘Grace, not Disgrace through Design’

The one statement that summarises my thoughts, ‘You cannot kill the future unless the imagination of the future kills itself’.