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Born into a background of aviation and horticulture, Hull, England in 1960, I studied Architecture at Leicester Polytechnic (DeMontfort University) graduating with the ‘Kiel Award for Design’ and completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture with Commendation.
The continual development in the formulation of my personal Ideology in architecture and design has taken place in parallel whilst participating and collaborating with world renowned international architectural practices such as Eva Jiricna Architects, as a Director and The Richard Rodgers Partnership. Invaluable experience has been gained from this dual process allowing me to form a flexible framework that is used to model ideas for both our built environment and it’s integral interior spaces; it is my embedded belief that architecture and interior spaces must be composed as single entity that when both viewed as whole, creates an ‘Architecture of Unity’
My career and reputation has excelled in the production of high quality unique architecture and design born directly from working with the potential user or a brief. Clarity, honesty and attention to detail is paramount and can be viewed in all my work, with the expression of intended function, environmental strategy, material production, construction and assembly techniques all forming part of what is viewed as a natural composition, that when experienced stimulates both it’s surroundings and it inhabitants.
My explorations in design have been undertaken using various types of projects and especially competitions, a useful vehicle for developing and testing ideas. Awards, accreditation and recognition have not just been received for my personal philosophy and designs, but also for those I have been involved with as a director of EJAL.
Personal Awards and Accreditation to Duncan Webster
- Short Listed for the Royal Academy Summer Show Exhibition 2006 & 7
- Concept House 1998 - Highly commended
- House of the Future - Highly commended
- House of the Future - Highly commended
- Exhibitor in RIBA exhibition Architects 40 under 40
- Partition system of Tomorrow - 1st place
- Luxlon Cladding Products - 1st place
- Gas Council Energy Project - Highly commended
- Kiel Award for Design at Leicester Polytechnic
As Director of Eva Jiricna Architects
- Royal Fine Arts Commission- Building of the Year, Magic Flute Award, Ebury Street
- American Institute of Architects / London Chapter, Design for Excellence Awards- Hotel Josef
- OBEC Architektu Society of Czech Architects, Grand Prix 2003- Hotel Josef
- Civic Trust Awards 40Th Anniversary, Commendation, Canada Water Bus Interchange, Jubilee Line
- Structural Steel Design Awards, Commendation- Canada Water Bus Interchange, Jubilee Line
- Civic Trust Awards 40Th Anniversary, Mention- Kimberlin Library Extension, DeMonfort University
Over my career I have been involved in various levels of architectural education undertaking the role of visiting tutor & critique at institutions such as DeMonfort University, The Royal College of Art, Manchester University, the Bartlett School of Architecture and External Examiner at Ecole Superieure D’Arts Graphiques etd’Architecture Interieure in Paris.