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My website has been produced to provide an insight into my personal development in architecture and design. I believe that the foundations of nature and the evolution of civilisation when assimilated with imagination and technology forms a catalyst that challenges past and contemporary ideas providing a basis for a fresh insight into every day and future environments.

This process and exploration gives birth to intelligent architecture that is a flexible model we form part of and as I view it, a living organism which bonds us with our surroundings. It is a language that seeks to provide harmony and balance between the use of natural resources (mass, water, wind & light) and man’s advancements in low & high technology. Different levels of this equation can be used in the remodelling of our environment, providing mass and form, with the void in between I term ‘greenscape’. I believe this provides richness in variety and as in nature produces contrast in our surroundings by varying material, scale, pattern, texture, and colour.

My beliefs are summarised in the section titled ‘Ideology’. My designs are driven by freedom of imagination with inspiration drawn from many diverse sources. These are fused with key issues that are deeply rooted in ‘Culture and Context’ providing a basis for self ‘Awareness in Evolution’ absorbing and ‘Expressing Technology in Construction’ to create an ‘Environment of Well-being’ that improves our living and working environment.

My ideas can be viewed in the section titled ‘Architecture and Project Gallery’. This displays a series of projects varying in type and scale, from the ‘Residential & Habipod Series’ that explores the way we live in our homes to ‘Civil & Public Buildings’ such as The kogyo Membrane Pavilion, The Nara Convention Centre, & Egyptian National Museum, ‘Bridges’ such as The NCR Future & Embankment River Bridges, to ‘Product & Industrial Design’ with ideas for The Partition System and Latrine of the future. Not all projects are displayed but a full chronological list can be seen in the ‘Project Index’.

It must never be forgotten that the relationship between the client and architect is very special journey. I am accustomed to engaging in dialogue that helps guide and solve other people’s problems creating unique individual designs. As a part of this process options are explored with ideas tested balancing functional needs against aspirations and restraints such as cost. I believe this creates an atmosphere where a joint vision becomes a beautiful reality.

The one statement that summarises my thoughts and perception is, ‘You can not kill the future unless the imagination of the future kills it’s self’.